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I’m convinced that I got the best bargain for mold tests (kit includes laboratory analysis!)

I bought this kit because there was a leak in the apartment above mine which led to some nasty mold growth in my bathroom. The landlord simply cleaned the surface and I wasn’t convinced that it took care of the problem. The kit comes with three easy to use slides for collecting specimens which was more than enough for my need.

I tested the bathroom, dust that collected from my bedroom vent (to see if spores are circulating), and some mold in the insulation of my fridge (not a concern but I had a slide to spare.)

The turn around time was incredible; I received my results a lot sooner than I expected. I learned the same mold types existed in both my bathroom and in the dust from my bedroom vent. Customer service was stellar as well. Throughout the purchase process I was contacted multiple times by the service, assuring me that I can contact them with any questions or concerns I may have. I had some questions regarding the mold types found and got to speak with the lab guy. He explained potential causes for concern, variables in the collection process, limitations of analysis, and even suggested options for dealing with the problem. I didn’t expect this personal level of customer service.

For anyone looking for more information about mold growth in their homes, this is the kit to buy. You rarely see this level of customer service at this price point.

Great Test – Report Same as Professional Would Give

Works as advertised and was exactly what I was looking for to test a small, mysterious patch of mold on the wall. Tape lift easy to perform. Results came back quickly along with personal attention. To the best of my knowledge, the results were accurate (or were at least what I expected).

I’ve had professional mold testing done, and the report sheet from DIY was basically the same I got from the guy who charged $150/hour.

My only comment is that I would have liked to have had a zip lock bag and return mailing envelope enclosed in the package to make it seamless to return. Providing my own mailer was the only inconvenience to the process and was hardly an insurmountable obstacle. Also, a word of warning: the tape is stronger than it seems. I peeled off some paint when I did one of my lifts. It was my fault – the instructions clearly warn against pressing too hard – and I leaned into it because I wanted to make sure I was getting a good sample. Since you only get three slides, be careful. It requires a deft touch.

It was very easy to use this kit

It was very easy to use this kit. It might have been beneficial to have more than 3 samples sent in but I guess it does the job if you take them correctly and in locations that are critical. I did locations that were recommended and our results turned out to be just fine. Nothing bad was found so that makes it great.

I think if it found some bad mold it would have been a bad thing for us but a great thing that it was found. I am very happy with the entire process.

The Customer Service is outstanding with this company. Michael, who is the owner, was very helpful and his communication was great.Follow up phone calls and e-mails were terrific. He made certain that all material was received and that we were happy. Definitely worth the money . Anything that prevented us from spending $1000.’s on having serious mold corrected is wonderful. I was very hesitant to call any company that would stand to make money from ” finding MOLD” that was dangerous, especially if they are the ones doing the job. This company was objective and had nothing to gain whether mold was present or not. That is a good thing.Definitely a good investment to prevent future problems.I was thinking that we were going to have a problem and would have to undergo Mold Removal and mitigation because we had 3 episodes of minor basement water before our sump pump.
Happy to find out that there were no horrible molds present.

Excellent kit and excellent customer service!

This kit is easy to use and easy to send out for testing. After I received the results of the test, I reviewed them on the phone with Michael Gillespie, who I believe owns the company that performs the tests and may even be the tester or one of them. He was generous with his time, well-informed, and helpful.

The tests confirmed mold growth in my air conditioners. Michael recommended that I clean these air conditioners or else replace them. I will try to clean them. The tests also showed very little mold on the bookshelves in two of our rooms, which was good news. Michael said that it was impossible to tell the source of this small quantity of mold: the source could be air coming through the air conditioners or it could be the ambient air that seeps into our house through, for example, our windows, even though our windows are typically closed for the summer.

Great Product and Service

Extremely easy to use with included instructions. Took 3 samples from different locations I was concerned about, and completed enclosed documentation in about 15 minutes. Used USPO to return the samples to the lab. I chose small, flat-rate 2-day priority mail box for $6.80 at the post office

Received the lab results by email in 3 days. The lab report was very informative with a good explanatory graphic of the various types of substances the lab looks for in the samples I sent. They followed up with a phone call to answer any questions. Exceeded my expectations.

I’ll be using these in every home I consider moving in to

My health has been severely compromised by what I suspected was black mold in my house. Joint pain, migraines, horrible memory loss and severe breathing issues are but a few of the symptoms I’m struggling with.

If I had stayed much longer I may have ended up in the hospital or dead. Thankfully now that I’m out of that place my symptoms will begin to dissipate over the next year, however I will always be highly susceptible to mold poisoning.

PLEASE PLEASE consider testing your own living area as most mold issues are not visible to us, but are behind the walls in a house. This is the test I used initially to confirm my suspicions before bringing in the expensive guys. $45 is cheap insurance!
This kit comes with 3 slides that are sticky on one end…you simply press them up against the area(s) that you want to test. It comes with an easy to follow booklet of recommendations on where and how to test – plus they have AMAZING phone service. You don’t pay anymore to send the samples in (except postage) and I had my results back within a week as well as a follow-up phone call to see if I understood my results or had questions about anything. With the test results I now have a game plan as well as confirmation to show my landlord/dr/et al.
This isn’t something to ignore or think it’s not that big a deal. I’ve learned the hard way and now sadly know WAY too much about mold and the horrible things it can do to a person. Our environments effect us much more than we realize. Please, for your own peace of mind, test for mold in your house ASAP.