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Mold Inspection Network aims to provide the best mold testing services available for both commercial and residential clients, whether that be online through one of our DIY Mold Test kits, or in person for our local Upstate SC area. 

Greenville, Spartanburg South Carolina local mold inspections

For businesses and residences in Greenville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas, our team of experienced mold specialists can come to your address and test for surface and air mold. And like our top-rated DIY Mold Tests, in-person inspections also come with a free mold report and consultation to explain what molds were found and how they interact with your health. We will also discuss any problems found during the visual inspection as well as briefly go over those issues and offer a plan to solve the problems.

Mold can cause adverse health effects on certain individuals.  So it’s vitally important to test if you think mold may be present in your home or working environment. People can experience symptoms that range from mild to severe such as allergies, nosebleeds, skin and eye infections, and asthma.

Air testing can detect most of these hidden problems, while our overall visual inspection will also shed some light on the overall health of your home or business space. This inspection process is even more important if you have children or the elderly living or working in the area. These individuals can have weakened immune systems causing them to have significantly worse reactions to mold exposure.

What you can expect from our in-person mold inspection:

For local in-person inspections, we conduct air and surface sampling along with a thorough visual examination.

We look at 3 aspects for every in-person mold inspection - air, surface, and visual.

Air Tests - Air testing will give you a measurable result. Samples will be taken inside your home or business and compared to an outside control sample. Air tests should be taken in areas of concern and also areas that you spend the most of your time. The results will tell you the amount of mold spores per square meter of air. Once we have a few inside tests we can measure them against the outside test to see if there are any spikes in the data. The tests are taken using calibrated pumps that collect air from your home into small air canisters or cassettes. These samples are sent to the lab where they physically mount the samples onto slides and count the mold spores under the microscope.

Surface Tests - Unlike Air samples, surface samples will not produce measurable results. Surface samples will only tell us if the sample is mold or not and what type. These tests are good for rapidly identifying unknown stains or discolored surfaces. 

Visual Inspection - The visual inspection will allow us to look over all of the accessible areas in your home or business to ensure that the air and surface samples don’t miss any issues. If an area is too wet or damp, it is possible for mold to not show up on air tests, because the spores will be too dense to travel in the air. During this time we will check all areas where water damage or excessive moisture could occur such as around the water heater, under sinks, attics, and crawlspaces. We will also check any area where you think a problem may lie.

All samples of the surface and air tests are then closely analyzed by our lab technicians.  Results are quick and are usually within a few business days. Once our team thoroughly reviews your results, we will contact you to discuss your report and recommended next steps.


For in-person home or business inspections, we will do a pre-inspection interview to gather information about your concerns, the layout of your home, and square footage. Using this information we can give you a recommended action plan that will include a guaranteed price.


Home inspections offered in the greater Greenville SC area

Residential Mold Testing Pricing:

    • $295 base charge (this includes complete visual inspection and 2 Air samples and post report consultation) Up to 3000 Sq. Ft. Residential
    • $70 Upgrade charge for each additional sample
    • Quotes upon request for DIY (do it yourself) testing and for Homes larger than 3000 Sg Ft.
    • There may be additional charges if you are outside of our service area.
    • We offer free mold testing consultation for residents around Greenville SC and Spartanburg SC.


Greenville SC business mold inspection

Commercial Mold Testing Pricing:

  • $455 base charge (this includes complete visual inspection and 2 Air samples and post report consultation) Up to 3000 Sq. Ft. Commercial
  • $70 Upgrade charge for each additional sample
  • Quotes upon request for properties larger than 3000 Sq Ft.
  • There may be additional charges if you are outside of our service area.


There are NO hidden fees. You will know the exact price of your inspection before any work is to be done. In fact, we will give you a contract stating what we are going to do and how much you will be charged.

We include 2 samples for every inspection, at minimum. Generally, we will take at least one indoor and one outdoor sample per 1500 sq ft as well as one indoor sample for every level of the property. We also take at least one sample near the problem area as well.  After our pre-inspection interview, we will give an estimate on number of samples we think we will take, which might change once we are on-site and conducting our visual inspections. If a client chooses to take less samples than what we recommend, we will have you sign a document saying you refused the extra recommended samples.

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About Mold Inspection Network, makers of DIY Mold Test:

We have been in the mold testing and inspection industry for more than 7 years working in Upstate, South Carolina, including Greenville and Spartanburg. We have a passion for providing world-class services that are still affordable.

We offer mold inspections for commercial and residential clients. We only offer testing to ensure we have no conflicts and no underlying motives. 

Mold is a serious problem and one that isn’t adequately covered online, leaving homeowners and businessowners confused and concerned about potential mold and its health impact. We fill that void by providing you with data and general information that helps you understand why you have a problem, how it can affect you, and most importantly, how it can be solved. Giving our clients peace of mind is one of our core values that drives us.